Baby Matthew Bass



Designed by Les Claypool and made by Les’s longtime friend and luthier, Dan Maloney, the bass was made to be the most comfortable and easy to play four string basses to his standards. This was one of two original basses that Les performed with onstage with Primus and has a walnut top with a maple back and exotic wood pick guard. It is 32” scale with LED lights in the side of the fingerboard and has a Kahler brand tremolo bar. Keeping the electronics simple, it has one single custom split EMG pickup with a single control knob. This combination of woods and electronics gives this particular bass a warm but punchy attack with a medium finish. This bass was auctioned in 2013 to help pay for the medical treatment of Les' nephew, Baby Matthew.

Bass Specs

  • Walnut Top
  • Birdseye Maple Back
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • 32" Scale
  • Raised LED Side Fret Markers
  • Dimmer for LED Brightness
  • EMG PA Pickup
  • Volume Control
  • Ebony Knobs
  • Sperzel Locking Tuning Machines
  • Kahler Whammy Bridge
  • Graphite Reinforced Neck
  • Natural Finish (Hand Rubbed Oil/Urethane)
  • Bronze Pachyderm Medallion

Additional Photos